Amazing charisma and care from the facilitator Cutty, the constant reminder of boundaries and self care was so valuable and the explanations and reasons for this were so very clear and comprehensible. A practical, consumable and poignant training session.
Skills-based Domestic Violence Awareness Training
June 2022
Great presentation and very timely in the context of the current lending and regulatory environment. Thank you for facilitating this presentation.
Domestic Violence Awareness Training delivered in association with the MFAA
May 2021
Great session, very insightful and a key program for any customer facing employees.
Colleagues and Customers in Crisis
October 2022
Incredible training content, structure and delivery. The practical skills this workshop provides are a must have in the current situation we are in universally. It's very practical and can be applied in daily lives and work. The trainer is incredibly knowledgeable and has a way of bringing participants at a level they are comfortable engaging throughout the session even when the topics discussed can be really daunting and heavy to some. Well done !!!
Complainants in Crisis - Recognise, Respond, Refer
October 2022
"What other topics or speakers would you like to see?" "CUTTY FELTON"
Responding to Vulnerabilities Events, run for the MFAA
August 2022
Cutty's delivery was fantastic her wealth of knowledge and experience shone through and created a safe learning environment.
Colleagues and Customers in Crisis - A Leadership Response
October 2022
Wow, what a magnificent workshop that was! We are all “Accidental counsellor’s” at times, be it with co-workers, clients, family or friends. This has given me some insight as to how to handle things better and learn to empathise without involvement.
Insurance Industry, Accidental Counsellor
November 2021
I took away so much from this. It was all very practical and useful for both student and colleague interactions. Very applicable and something I will definitely use in the future.
Higher Education - Accidental Counsellor
October 2022
Excellent course, Cutty the presenter was so calm, knowledgeable and could clearly articulate examples of different types of Domestic Violence.
Government - Skills-based Domestic Violence Awareness Training
June 2022
We need more of this training, for all staff. Frequently refreshed training even. This has been the greatest mental health training I have ever sat in on and am taking a lot away from this personally and professionally. What I have taken away from this course has lifted an enormous weight off my shoulders. This will be something I recommend and will also be something I work on personally and professionally. Thank you
Accidental Counsellor
December 2021
This training was vital to understanding how to apply boundaries to both customers and yourself. It looks both inwardly and outwardly and uses a range of examples and case studies that are not only relevant, but also applicable as we move forward in society. I found it easy to ask questions and felt my own learning approach was supported.
Complainants in Crisis - IDR/EDR Training
March 2022
Cutty was extremely knowledgeable in this topic. She used real life examples that helped to give a better depth to the conversation whilst also allowing a better understanding of how DV presents in different manners and involves complex emotions. Very worthwhile training session.
Skills-base Domestic Violence Awareness Training
June 2022