Our Workshops

Corporate Training

Now, more than ever, the skills to respond to clients or colleague in crisis in a way that is ethical, compassionate and within clearly defined boundaries are critical to ensure the safety of the client as well as to manage the psychosocial risk to the team member.

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Keynotes & Presentations

Catering to larger audiences, Cutty Felton delivers bespoke keynote addresses related to dealing with those in vulnerable circumstances but designed according to your organisations specific needs.

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Community Aid Training

Community Aid organisations are at the frontline of dealing with those most vulnerable within our communities. It is our privilege, in these difficult times for all, to be able to offer preferential pricing to those organisations within the not-for-profit sector that are providing assistance directly to the vulnerable.

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Follow Up Training

Follow Up training sessions are designed to ensure that skills previously learned are embedded and learnings not lost over time. The training refreshes and reviews skills previously delivered to your teams and runs through scenarios that your team face.

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