Our Company

Accidental Counsellor Pty Ltd is a training company that specialises in meeting the training needs of organisations seeking to provide a skills-based response to customers, staff or colleagues experiencing Mental Illness, Domestic and Family Violence, Crisis or other Vulnerable Circumstances.

Having had the privilege of training in excess of 3500 people across multiple industries during the 2020 calendar year, Cutty Felton took the exciting step of opening Accidental Counsellor Pty Ltd at the start of 2021.

Cutty did this with the aim of ensuring the sustainability of her highly acclaimed training programs and models going forward, whilst maximising the quality of support and training provided to industries and individuals at this challenging time in our history.

Accidental Counsellor Pty Ltd represents the convergence of Cutty Felton’s unrivalled industry experience as well as Lifeline training and crisis support experience in creating and delivering high quality training programs, with the flexibility to be able to respond to the clients’ needs promptly, whilst continuing to protect the quality and value of outcomes produced for each course participant.

The company delivers skills-based courses, both face to face and via remote digital delivery, to workplaces, industry and community groups, large and small, across Australia.

All courses focus on assisting those in vulnerable circumstances and include ‘Accidental Counsellor’, ‘De-escalating the Agitated Caller’, ‘Customers in Crisis’, ‘Domestic Violence Training’, ‘Dare to Ask’, and various other skills-based courses tailored to meet the needs of their clients.

Our Ethos

 Our ethos is centered on the overarching goal to increase:


As part of our efforts to reduce our impact on the environment, we will provide resource books in the form of editable pdf files to the registered participants of our training going forward. Please support us and ‘think before printing’. For face-to-face training, we will further reduce our reliance on paper by using QR Code technology for Sign-In and Feedback purposes.

Community Support

Central to our aim is also to contribute to the community in a practical way, and so we are pleased to be able to offer preferential Not for Profit Pricing to Community Aid organisations engaged in directly supporting the most vulnerable in our communities.


At the end of each financial year, Accidental Counsellor Pty Ltd will also be donating a portion of the proceeds of training to reputable providers of support to those most in need.

Accidental Counsellor Training Mission

Our Team

Cutty Felton (CEO and Presenter)

Cutty Felton is CEO of Accidental Counsellor Pty Ltd. She personally delivers all of the various skills-based training courses, both face-to-face and via remote delivery, to workplace, industry and community groups, large and small, across Australia.

By profession, Cutty is a qualified Solicitor and practised for approximately ten years. Over time, however, she felt the need to contribute more directly to the community. In 2013 she joined Lifeline, initially as a trained volunteer Telephone Crisis Supporter (TCS) on Lifeline’s 13 11 14 service, and subsequently delivering Lifeline training, and heading up Corporate and Community training for Lifeline H2H for 4 years.

Utilising her crisis support, legal and commercial experience as well as her experience as an accredited DV Alert and Lifeline Trainer, Cutty developed and produced her own highly acclaimed version of Accidental Counsellor. These include various industry tailored courses, a unique ‘5 E’s Framework’ for difficult conversations and a focus on the  boundaries that protect both vulnerable customers as well as participants, their teams and their organisation.

The universal applicability of the Recognise, Respond and Refer model Cutty delivers in her training has seen her being entrusted with the training of teams from an extraordinarily diverse range of clients across banking, insurance, finance, construction, tertiary and secondary education, the public sector and Government.


Verena Conti (EA to the CEO and Training Coordinator)

Verena Conti is an integral part of the team, having worked closely with Cutty Felton for the past 12 months. She is both the Executive Assistant to the CEO and Training Coordinator at Accidental Counsellor Pty Ltd.

As a training coordination expert, Verena is your client liaison contact and will assist you with the logistics for your successful training events. With her keen eye for detail, Verena will provide you with current and relevant training information for your teams, guide you through the booking process including setting up remote platforms and access for virtual training. In the lead up to your training events, Verena will supply the relevant training details including resource material for your participants, and she will follow up all Accidental Counsellor training events with post training certificates and reporting.

A Bachelor of Business with a background in managerial positions in leading hospitality organisations, Verena has thrived in the corporate training industry, using her experience in events management and customer service to assist our clients with the training they need to achieve their goals and support their teams and customers.

Organisations that have entrusted Cutty Felton with their training

 Cutty has trained teams from an extraordinarily diverse range of clients including:

  • CBA, Westpac, AFCA, BT Financial, the MFAA, Mortgage Choice, IAG, CGU , Hollard Insurance, Victoria Claims discussion group
  • Evolution Mining, Weir Minerals, STOWE
  • Australian Catholic University, UNSW, USQ, Macquarie University, school, church and local councils
  • White Ribbon, Youth Off the Streets, Mentoring Men, Northcott, SE Volunteers, Feel the Magic
  • DHL Australia, Airservices Australia, ServiceNSW, Clubs NSW,
  • Mental Health Commission of NSW
  • Australian Taxation Office, Ombudsman South Australia
  • In collaboration with SOCAP: CBA, Allianz, AGL, DMIRS, Victorian Ombudsman, State Insurance Regulatory Authority, Queensland Office of Fair Trading, Superannuation Complaints

In addition, Cutty Felton regularly addresses larger audiences as a keynote speaker on topics such as  ‘Self-Protection and the Art of Self-Care’, ‘Appropriate and Powerful Questions’ and ‘Empathy for the Vulnerable Customer’. She has also been privileged to deliver training workshops and briefings to staff at the House of Representatives in Canberra and recently  was honoured to deliver her Accidental Counsellor workshop for the Office for Women in the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet.