Cutty’s unique Accidental Counsellor workshops will be available for individual bookings again in 2024. Bookings are open via Trybooking. Please find all the details and the booking link below:

Workshop:                      Accidental Counsellor (4 hours)
Dates:                           Mon, 6th May 2024, 9-1pm AEST – FULL
                                     Fri, 28th June 2024, 10-2pm AEST – FULL
                                     Thurs, 25th July 2024, 9-1pm – FULL
                                     Mon, 12th Aug 2024, 9-1pm AEST – limited spaces
                                     Tues, 24th Sept 2024, 10-2pm AEST – limited spaces
                                     Mon, 18th Nov 2024, 10-2pm AEDT

Delivery:                        via ZOOM
Cost per person:           $430 excl gst

Based on the Recognise, Respond, Refer model the workshop teaches you how to respond to someone in crisis or vulnerable circumstances in a way that is appropriate, empathic and respectful (whilst being within strictly defined boundaries). The training will also look at how we managing difficult conversations through the lens of Work Health and Safety, and provides skills and knowledge that assist you to reduce the impact of psychosocial risks, including vicarious stress and trauma. The importance of essential self-care will also be emphasised in this training.

Why Accidental Counsellor based Training?

Do your staff frequently deal with clients or customers in crisis or vulnerable circumstances?

Does your leadership team struggle to respond to distressed staff or colleagues?

Managing the risk of exposure to traumatic and confronting conversations is not a matter of individual resilience, but very clearly a WHS issue to be managed and controlled by the employer – Work Health and Safety Amendment Regulations 2022 make that clear.


Read this summary to understand what is meant by Psychosocial Risk and Hazards and how their impact can be substantially reduced with the correct systems of work, approaches, frameworks and policies and processes in place.

About Cutty Felton

Cutty Felton is the founder of Accidental Counsellor Pty Ltd 

She is a speaker, consults with and trains those that engage with colleagues or clients in distress or vulnerable circumstances, having regard also to the particular requirements around awareness, management and control of psychosocial hazards and risks in the workplace. Cutty appears live wherever in the world her work takes her, both in person and via remote delivery.

By profession, Cutty is a Solicitor, admitted to practice both in South Africa and NSW, Australia. Over time she felt the need to enhance the human skills required when interacting with clients who had experienced trauma or found themselves vulnerable. She chose to do this by volunteering as a crisis supporter on Lifeline’s 13 11 14 suicide prevention and crisis intervention line and holding various other positions within the organisation for many years, including as an accredited crisis supporter, as well as corporate and DV Alert trainer.

Cutty developed her own highly acclaimed and distinctive approach to crisis and vulnerability communication in the corporate space, and a unique CPR framework for confronting conversations, based on a combination of her legal, commercial and crisis support experience.

Our Workshops

Corporate Training

Now, more than ever, the skills to respond to clients or colleague in crisis in a way that is ethical, compassionate and within clearly defined boundaries are critical to ensure the safety of the client as well as to manage the psychosocial risk to the team member.

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Keynotes & Presentations

Catering to larger audiences, Cutty Felton delivers bespoke keynote addresses related to dealing with those in vulnerable circumstances but designed according to your organisations specific needs.

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Community Aid Training

Community Aid organisations are at the frontline of dealing with those most vulnerable within our communities. It is our privilege, in these difficult times for all, to be able to offer preferential pricing to those organisations within the not-for-profit sector that are providing assistance directly to the vulnerable.

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Follow Up Training

Follow Up training sessions are designed to ensure that skills previously learned are embedded and learnings not lost over time. The training refreshes and reviews skills previously delivered to your teams and runs through scenarios that your team face.

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