Community Aid organizations are at the frontline of responding to those most vulnerable within our communities. Those team members and volunteers who are engaging directly with highly distressed members of the community, staff or colleagues will themselves be experiencing a high level of stress and uncertainty as to the best way to respond on a human level. The associated psychosocial risks of compassion fatigue, vicarious trauma and burnout are health and safety issues about which the employer needs to be aware and must manage and control, as is made clear by the WHS Amendment Regulation 2022, NSW

Now, more than ever, the skills to respond in a way that is appropriate, respectful, empathic and empowering, whilst being within strictly defined boundaries, are critical.

As trained volunteer Telephone Crisis Supporter (TCS) on Lifeline’s 13 11 14 service herself, and with many years experience delivering customised Lifeline Accidental Counsellor workshops produced and developed by her, Cutty has been able to design her own courses that will offer your staff and volunteers the support they need in the important work they do.

All 4-hour workshops are designed to provide participants with the confidence and skills to support someone who is vulnerable or in crisis by learning how to:

Accidental Counsellor Recognise Respond Refer
Cutty Felton’s Accidental Counsellor based training

Each Accidental Counsellor workshop is interactive and responsive to the particular needs and experiences of the participants and courses are limited to a maximum of 20 to ensure both duty of care and depth of engagement.

It is our privilege, in these difficult times for all, to be able to offer preferential community pricing to those organisations within the not-for-profit sector that are providing assistance directly to those most in need.

Self-Care is essential – but it is not enough

Self-care is especially important for those working and volunteering in the community aid space and Cutty’s workshops therefore examine aspects of self-care including those avenues of support that might be provided to them by their organisation (e.g. EAP).

But Self-Care is not enough – based on her legal, commercial and 13 11 14 crisis supporter  experience, Cutty has designed her own workshops that highlight the importance of boundaries to allow those working in the community aid sector to continue with their important work safely, while always responding appropriately, empathically and in a way that empowers those they engage with.

How is our training delivered?

We are happy  to once again be able to offer in-person workshops . Cutty will come to you to deliver the training to your teams at a location of your choice.

Alternatively, and for organisations wishing to bring this training to staff across different locations, Accidental Counsellor Pty Ltd is able to offer you effective, remotely delivered, live training. Cutty has developed a virtual training concept that retains the integrity of delivery and duty of care for which she is known. We deliver our virtual training from our purpose-built virtual training room via ZOOM, TEAMS or other suitable remote platform. Please note, all virtual training attendees will need access to their individual PC/laptop with Internet access, webcam and audio capabilities. Recording of any kind is strictly prohibited.

To discuss your organisation’s particular training needs, please contact our team, email [email protected] or give us a call on 0421 806 033.